“What you focus on expands”

“The better you feel, the better you feel”


We all heard those sayings and they could not be more true – including in business!

When we are in that happy high vibration, creating, making things happen, things are flowing, things fall into place, opportunities show up and so many times unexpectedly!

Yet this also translates to….  if something is *not* what we like, but we keep focusing on it, “pushing through it”, the more of it will keep showing up.

And so anything we can do in our darling 3D world to enhance that flow and/or not interfere with that flow, we must do.


I am shameless to say that I love techy stuff.

And I am even more shameless to admit that when techy things don’t work, for crying out loud, can’t they flip our world around and drag us down the rabbit hole of Crabby Land?!

Now imagine having to send those juicy emails to your subscribers or finally implementing that sales funnel you’ve been meaning to for a while. And all them filled with your vibes, your wisdom, expertise, all that good stuff and then….  you log in to that email platform you signed up because you heard that at your business level, this is where it is at, but it makes you cringe as soon as you are in the dashboard.

Not the vibe!


Even if you are someone techy inclined, looking at and having to work with a platform that doesn’t inspire you will affect how you show up for it.


When choosing the best platform to support your business,  {be that an email service provider, a platform to host your site, a members area, file sharing, anything!} consider what is important for YOU when using said platform.

For instance, if you are searching for the best emails service provider ask yourself this one important question:


What is important for you in the process of sending an email out?

– Beautifully designed emails that are easy to create?
– Easy to edit content?
– Multiple layers of tagging and segmentation?
– or maybe the opposite: straight forward segmentation, 1 or 2 covers?
– Emojis! Because they bring you life and you need them not just in the subject line but in the email body as well? {this one might or might not have been me! 🙋🏻‍♀️}

Wherever that is that keeps you in the flow, enhances your flow and makes you excited to send those emails, build that funnel, look at your stats, create optins, make sure love, that the techy pieces are there to support you.

You might have heard of Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Mailchimp, ActiveCAmpaing, Madmimi, Flodesk, and on and on…. and out of all those?

The best techy tool is the one you feel comfortable using.

The best techy tool is the one you actually use.


This goes for everything actually.

When people ask me what is the best platform for membership sites?
It’s the one that works for them. The one that makes them inspired to keep working on it, OR…. in the “worse” case scenario, the one that doesn’t turn them off and stop that flowy vibe they started with.

Doesn’t matter if a fancier or simpler platform works for your business bestie.

She’s not the one logging in everyday to check stats, do tweaks, and maintain the whole thing running.

The best tools for your business are the ones that YOU feel comfortable using.

Everything else is irrelevant.

Tell me love, what is the latest techy tool you found are loving so far? 👇🏼

Many Smooches,