Yes! You finally found THE perfect software to build your membership site.


AccessAlly is all that you wanted and more!

Now, on to make that vision a reality.


“Raine’s proactive, thorough & fast! I can tell her the end result that I want & she makes it happen.”
Susan Ferraro

You finally found that software you feel safe and confident that it will reflect all the hardwork and stellar content you’ve been putting on your courses, marketing and funnel.

After all you launched them multiple times, tested, tweaked, regrouped, improved, rinsed and repeated.

You now know the ins-and-outs of getting your courses running, how all your systems are meant to work together and you know how frustrating it was to deal with other platforms that just couldn’t deliver.

You understand your clients so well – you’ve been working with them and paying close attention to their needs, and the results they are getting from working with you.

You solidified your funnel, your program {s} and you are oh! so ready to bring them all together, finally creating that cohesive and streamlined system, improving not only the way you do business but your clients and customers’ experience as well.

You are ready to upgrade that robust and proven program you carefully created and take it to a whole new level.

You are ready to make your vision a reality.


Polishing it all up, putting the pieces together, customizing it in a way that reflects your business growth, your brand and your level of experience and expertise doesn’t seem straight forward right now.

You have been having scattered help here and there as you were developing your projects, but you know those that got you here won’t be able to help you get to the next level.

You are at loss not knowing how to make this happen.

You end up feeling…

  • Anxious, seeing time passing by, new opportunities and ideas coming along and still not being able to reflect this in your business
  • Uneasy, because you feel tied up to this big project that you so want to re-birth yet can’t seem o find a way to do so
  • Dissatisfied with the repeating cycle of money that’s left on the table…
  • Insecure, because you know your prospects aren’t supported the way you want them to be…
  • Worried that this big visions of yours might not be happening any time soon.

But… what would your life look like if these problems no longer existed?

Imagine your vision is implemented.

Your systems are in place. Marketing working 24/7.
Programs and courses up-leveled. No headache.


Imagine you feeling at ease and in control of how you are presenting yourself out there.

Imagine you welcoming every opportunity that feels right knowing that new eyes in your work, programs, courses and online presence are a true reflection of you, your business and your expertise.

You, confident that every potential and current client is receiving exactly what they need from you.

You, feeling calm fully focusing on what you love doing knowing that your big vision is a reality and it’s happening right now.

There is no need to focus on your brilliance while turning a blind eye to the area you can’t focus at the moment.

Focusing on your zone of genius now comes easily, naturally and guilt-free because you knwo the rest is taken care of and that’s all there is left for you to do – to be you.

And the best of it?

Getting to this point is actually easy.

This picture you’ve been envisioning  {for a long time now!} of a very effective, solid, polished and upgrded version of your programs and courses was implemented effortlessly without adding to your workload. Without any headaches.

Sounds delicious, right? ☺️

What if I told you that it can happen exactly like that?

Hi, I’m Raine – artist and creative at heart. 

I can help you because I’ve done it for myself –

I built my own community starting from scratch to 4,000 peeps in a year while creating, testing, tweaking and improving my own courses and programs.

I did it on my own, through lots of {fun} experimenting and trial and errors – which got me to understand the moving pieces of students’ engagement, how to keep them coming back for more and what it really takes to create an effective marketing campaign within the member’s area tailored to upcoming students and current ones.

And all my geeking out over online business and marketing helped me build a community of over 4,000 people from scratch in a year!

In two years I had crossed the mark of 20,000 engaged peeps subscribed to my list!

Exciting, reassuring and rewarding to say the least!

All thanks to my natural ability to create and translate big picture views and concepts into easy to implement steps.

And everything that I had developed in my business, I started creating for others.

That’s why my love, I’m here offering you my best strategic self to help you do the same.


I can change your world if you are…

Small business owner with a fast growing 1:1 or group coaching business model with no extra time in their hands with a smal {but mighty!} team already at capacity – yet with programs, courses and a system automation  vision craving to be implemented.

But, if you are…

  • Peeps just starting out
  • Peeps who are not clear yet on what they offer to the world
  • Peeps not clear on who they are serving
  • Peeps who hadn’t been consistently working with 1:1 clients

This specific service is not for you {right now}, HOWEVER, of course I wouldn’t leave it hanging. :)) Soon, some juicy stuff will be happening over at the blog!  Click right here to be the very first one to know about it.

Now having said all that, I hear you saying:

“All sounds great and wonderful but seriously, I have no time to explain everything that I need to make my vision a reality. The time I spend explaining it all to someone else I’d better just do it myself.”

Yup! I totally get it. Time is precious and efficiency is key. *Not* having to explain and worse yet remembering every detailed that you want to see functioning in your site and your systems is a big deal. Working with someone who really understands the moving pieces of online marketing funnels and membership sites will save you loads of time.

“But I might not be able to move forward with things fast enough.”

I know! Too much on your plate, my darling, too much! That’s where that feeling is coming from. Handing over the heavy lifting to someone else will help you stay on track of your goals throughout the year!

“The thought of doing it is too overwhelming even though I know how I want the final product to look like. What if there are some techy stuff I can’t get passed?”

Doing it all alone can definitely get you stuck in many different areas of the implementation process. Finding someone you can trust to easily navigate in all steps of building your member’s area will guarantee you peace of mind.

“No, I’m serious! I hate techy stuff! The thought of it makes me wanna throw up!”

Got it! The beauty of knowing you are not working alone and someone is going to make your vision a relaity is that you don’t even need ot *think* about that techy stuff. What feels dauting and overwhelming to you, I’ll turn into easily digestible steps which *I* will take action to make happen. This part is totally out of your plate!

“Ok, but I’m not sure I can find people that would understand what I need and that I wouldn’t have to figure things out for them. ”

Exactly! When you are collaborating with someone else, each one will have their role and expertise to focus on. Finding the right match for your project is crucial to make sure your vision will be translated out of your bank of ideas into the world as a reality. Programs and digital courses developed by solopreneurs and small business owners IS a different situtation than most web designer & developers are used to. Trying to monitor and explain to someone not familiar with it, every single detail that needs to be in place considering marketing to new students AND content delivery to current students is a nightmare! Working with someone that understands the online business world and all the moving pieces of it will make the process a breeze!

But it’s hard to find a Web Designer that actually understands marketing and the online business world.” 

YESSS!!!! I know!!! And it’s not by chance that you landed on this page and you found ME!

That is why, my love we are a match made in heaven 😍

Together, we’ll make your vision a reality, staying true to all you have accomplished with your courses and programs so far, upgrading it’s delivery system, optimizing the marketing pieces AND covering every aspect of the heavy lifting that comes with it – from design vision, {always staying on brand!} to copy, and the techy parts of it.

The result?

Your ideas implemented to a ‘T’, effortlessly and effectively by someone who understands the marketing and online business world you have been creating from.

Now, without further ado, introducing…..

It’s time to make your vision a reality.

Your dream membership site working seamlessly converting new students while providing engaging content deliver to your current students, is here! – from design, till the techy parts, all components of your dream membership site will be brought to life.

More specifically, here’s how it works…

Phase 1: We hop on a call so I get to understand your business better, your courses, your programs and what aspects of what you have right now is working and what is not. We’ll talk about how to make your vision a reliaty, and the steps we’ll take to implement your optimized membership site. We will also talk about all the moving pieces, all the techy portions that you had used and loved or used and hated {we will avoid those ones! 😀 } and any extra details regarding the future expansion of your member’s area.

Phase 2: I will come up with a plan and best course of action based on what we talked about and what each step of the process will look like; designing the layout of the site focusing on cross-promotion and student engagement, the content and elements pertinent to it and how this will look like in your CRM and sales funnel. 

Phase 3: I’ll roll up my sleeves and put all the moving pieces together while we keep regular check-ins as the project progresses.

Phase 4: You run with it and can proudly redirect and market your programs and courses to potential clients, customers and new collaborators in your shiny new and upgraded membership site, knowing that your site is ready to receive the new influx.



I can’t understand why anyone would struggle when they can have Raine on their team.

I was feeling embarrassed in a big way about my website! It didn’t reflect me and I didn’t want anyone to see it… and I didn’t have the technical knowledge or the patience to build my own site. I didn’t know how to get the style I wanted out of my head into words so that someone could build my site for me. I had no clue about funnels or anything like that….

Working with Raine was so easy.

I speak garbled language and attempt to share my ideas and she came back having translated it into something tangible. Something that looks so like me, I couldn’t believe it.

Raine is quick and fabulous – I can’t understand why anyone would struggle when they can have her on their team. I love her!

Laura Powner
Business Strategist |

I wanted someone who understood the online business world – not every web designer does.

I needed someone to build my membership site, which is a BIG project & the thought of having to figure it all out was so daunting & overwhelming. I haven’t always had the best luck with web designers.

I also needed someone I could trust to bring my vision to life without me having to micromanage the project.

Raine was all of that & more. She’s proactive, thorough & fast! I can tell her the end result that I want & she makes it happen.

She catches problems before they even happened & always makes me feel 1000% secure that things will be taken care of so I never have to worry.

When I’m working with her I’m able to relax & have more time & energy to focus on other things. I can’t recommend her enough!

Susan Ferraro
Mindset Coach, Psychic Medium & Creator of EASE-Y DOES IT™ |

Raine has such a unique skill set – she’s creative and fun yet has a whip-smart business savvy.

And she is so full of ideas and inspiration! Raine gave me valuable insight not just about my opt-in, but my site and brand in general.

She really took time to evaluate everything about my site, what I have to offer, and how best to represent myself so my ideal clients and I can find each other. Win-win.

Also, she is super fun and have a positive attitude. Always a joy!

I would recommend Raine to anyone looking for clarity on how to get their unique brand UNDERSTOOD by their ideal clients.

Kari  Samuels Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach |

Here’s what you can expect when we join forces…

No Hassle Techy

Everything you have been carefully building will be transferred {and improved} without you having to worry about that painful unspeakable piece of the process – the techy stuff! Everything will be working and functioning like a clock without you having to worry at all about this piece of the puzzle.⚙ 🖥

Clarity around how we will develop your upgraded systems and programs to match your current and future business growth

In our call we’ll talk about your programs and courses, where they are at, the new ones coming up, who are the peeps you have enrolled right now and who are the peeps you are aiming for.  This will give us a clear understanding of all the moving pieces we’ll need to put in place so you can feel and BE confident that your membership site is the best representation of your business and is effectively connecting with the right audience.

A plan to implement all the moving pieces in the most seamless way possible to your exisitng customers.

The hassle free process of knowing that throughout the implementation your current customers won’t be left hanging, disoriented or confused on what is happening to the courses and programs they already purchased. They will be seamlessly transitioned into the new members area.

Your website optimized to support your marketing funnels and your customers’ experience

Your memberhsip site is like a labyrityh where you, as the expert, leads your customers to the next step on their journey. Considering that, we’ll carefully design its layout so your customers will feel well taken care of every step of the way –  be that within a course already created or future ones taking them even further on their journey working with you. All this while implementing a robust and solid marketing funnel to welcome new prospects as your reach expands.

The BEST softwares to make your vision a reality!

It’s no small task for a membership site to provide an easy to navigate flow for the students as well as a solid foundation to support your business growth through marketing systems in the back end.

AccessAlly – as you already know! 😎 – gives you all that and much more.  ✨ This is where your membership site will be built on which provides the most flexible and reliable platform to deliver the content and cross-promote courses to your existing base, while implementing your marketing strategies to upcoming new students – as well as host the multiple courses and programs you are bound to create, as your business expands. PLUS for added students’ engagement within each course, ProgressAlly {the gamification plug-in developed by AmbitionAlly team as well} will lead the way to always bring students back to your online classrooms while keeping a dynamic learning environment.

On top of that…. As a proud Certified Partner of AmbitionAlly products I guarantee you a thorough use of each one of their softwares’ features to best suit your business needs.

Regular updates as the process develops.

Your programs and courses are your babies! They have been nurtured and loved for a longtime now and you carefully crafted them into the robust and solid learning source they are right now. Of course it is important to know where we are each.step.of.the.way assuring that the final result is what you expect into be.

A detailed map of your new members area and the marketing funnels leading up to it.

Your brand new members area will come with loads of new pages, and tools that you’ll need to know about. Your marketing funnels will happen in different ways for your enrolled students than for the upcoming new customers. The courses and programs delivery will have a different structure on their own. Right before the project is completed we will hop on a video call to cover all that. I’ll give you a walk through on where to find everything in the back end. You receive as well a detailed map that you can send to your team so they’ll know how to keep the funnels and system running smoothly. 

Your Evergreen programs & courses includes
everything you need to turn this vision into reality:


  • Easy transition for your current students and easy implementation for you of your new member’s area
  • Your entire marketing funnels optimized and tailored for this new member’s area experience.
  • A clear plan of what the implementation process looks like and all the moving pieces of it
  • The best tools and softwares tailored to your business situation
  • Everything implemented without adding to your workload – Techy parts of it completely OFF your plate!
  • An optimized members’ area for cross-promotions and upselling as well as your sales funnel ready to receive your upcoming leads
  • Your entire system spelled out with softwares, pages and links used so you and your team will be able to maintain the funnel and systems afterwards.

The best part of it all :: Your Vision is finally a reality!!

It’s out of the paper and out into the world.

Without any headaches, or time that you just don’t have required from your part.

Now, it’s time we get started. Your vision deserves to be birthed.

Here’s Your Next Step

Talk to you soon!

“I can’t understand why anyone would struggle when they can have Raine on their team.” – Laura Powner